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According to a release from the Brewers Guild

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This past February, Crain’s Michigan Business wrote about the Michigan Brewers Guild’s Winter Beer Festival, which turns Grand Rapids into the largest single population of people desperate for salted snacks … now. It also is a popular event , apparently. According to a release from the Brewers Guild high quality hermes replica , up to 5,000 of the 6,000 tickets available for the Feb. 22 event went on sale Dec. 1. Each person could buy no more than two $45 tickets. All sold in three hours. The guild noted that 18,000 people tried to buy tickets. Which means, of course, that more than 10,000 beer drinkers were upset, particularly about problems when they tried to buy tickets online. Which means that now at least one IT department is having a worse day than the folks at

Beer festival’s online ticket sales leave thousands high and dry

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