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Only a few securities are listed on the exchange

canada goose store tiny Algeria exchange to open to foreigners

Canada Goose online ALGIERS, March 14 (Reuters) Algeria stock market has long resembled its economy: canadian goose jacket overegulated, uncompetitive and performing well short of its potential. So the country plans to allow foreign money into the market may be a step towards wider economic change.

canada goose Foreigners will for the first time be allowed canada goose uk black friday to buy shares in listed companies, although they will have to do so in partnership with Algerian investors, the stock exchange head, Mustapha Fefera, told Reuters.

He said a new law for the exchange, drafted with the help of international experts, had been approved by the government.

canada goose coats on sale reforms should bring together all parties that may Canada Goose Jackets be interested in the national financial market, notably foreign investors, the 35 year old Fefera, a canada goose sale former central bank official who buy canada goose jacket cheap has been in his current canada goose black friday sale post for five years, Canada Goose Online said in an interview at his office this month.

are aware of the importance of these investors. We are open to all proposals, recommendations and appropriate actions to allow these investors to actively intervene in the domestic stock market, while ensuring that their action uk canada goose does not harm that market.

canada goose clearance will do our best to improve the terms of their participation.

Fefera did not specify when the new law would take effect or give details of the rules covering foreign investors. But Canada Goose online for the Algerian economy, which is dominated by the oil industry and a large state sector that has deterred fresh private investment, the opening of the stock market could be an important change.

Canada Goose Jackets In recent months the government has shown willingness to consider reform in some other areas; Energy and Mines Minister Youcef Yousfi said in December that Algeria would review its hydrocarbons law to attract canada goose uk outlet more foreign investment into its faltering oil and gas exploration.

canada goose clearance sale The amounts of Canada Goose Outlet tax levied on foreign investors in the energy sector will be up for review, as well as the terms of production sharing contracts offered to foreign partners, the APS news agency quoted Yousfi as saying.

canada goose deals MARKET GROWTH The growth of the stock market, which was established in the late 1990s, has been held back by the fact that so much capital flows to the state sector. Only a few securities are listed on the exchange, and trading turnover is a small fraction of activity on the bourses of neighbouring Morocco and Tunisia.

want to Canada Goose Coats On Sale revitalise our stock market, which currently does not play buy canada goose jacket a sufficient role in financing the economy. The market capitalisation of companies whose shares are publicly traded cheap canada goose uk represents 0.2 percent of gross domestic product, said Fefera. For many emerging Canada Goose sale markets, the ratio is between 10 and 50 percent.

canadian goose jacket Economist Abdelmalek Serrai, head of a business consulting office in Algiers, said he believed foreign investors would see considerable canada goose store potential in Algeria because of its energy wealth; the country is a top exporter of natural gas to Europe. But he added Canada Goose Parka that foreigners would need a more benign business regulatory environment to commit their money.

Algerian market is still virgin, but Algeria needs to provide foreigners with guarantees and more incentives, he told Reuters.

cheap Canada Goose Serrai, who was an adviser to former President Liamine Zeroual, also said the exchange reforms might not attract domestic investors much without more leeway for companies to invest and seize canada goose business opportunities.

to national firms, I think they are not ready to help boost the bourse because of the lack of freedom of action in the public sector. State banks, for instance, are still unable to take steps without getting a green light from government officials, he said.

Canada Goose Outlet should allow free initiative within the public sector if we really hope to make things at the bourse move forward.

canada goose coats In addition to bureaucratic red tape, foreign investors in Algeria have been put off in particular by an investment cheap Canada Goose regime that limits the stake held by foreigners in an enterprise to 49 percent; Algerian partners must hold the rest.

canada goose black friday sale Fefera, however, thinks the stock exchange could be a way for foreign canada goose coats on sale investors to get around the 51/49 percent rule.

Canada Goose Parka the stock market, things are different. Foreign investors will be allowed to buy shares. They are also able to set up firms through canada goose uk shop public offerings. This means the Algerian partner will be formed of many shareholders.

buy canada goose jacket cheap large number of Algerian shareholders canada goose clearance may possibly allow the foreign side to gain control of the management of the firm, due to the fact that it will be difficult to imagine that all the Algerian shareholders will speak with one voice at board meetings.

buy canada goose jacket A more dynamic stock market could boost the economy by canada goose coats providing a major new financing channel for companies, he said. The country state budget is heavily dependent on revenues from oil and gas sales, which account for about 96 percent of exports; most firms rely canada goose factory sale on state banks to fund projects.

goal is to strengthen the equity capital of companies and make them more solvent, more eligible for uk canada goose outlet financing through the banking system. Banks will also develop new sources of revenue, he said.

Some analysts believe the government may be willing to open the stock market precisely to avoid wider reforms in the economy. The schlerotic canada goose clearance sale banking system can take years to approve a straightforward corporate loan; the government wants Algerian firms to have better access to capital so they can become champions and further displace foreign firms in industries such as infrastructure and construction.

#BlackPrivilegeA post shared by Charlamagne Thagod (@cthagod)

Revolt TV has been hit with a lawsuit by a group of White buy canada goose jacket cheap guys claiming that Canada Goose Parka the music platform served them a pink slip for their lack of buy canada goose jacket understanding the culture of the network.The producers, who were fired in December canada goose replica 2014, worked on the televised broadcast of the popular Power 105 talk-radio show, “The cheap Canada Goose Breakfast Club.” With years of prior experience working on programs canada goose such as “The Howard Stern Show”, the suit claims they were Canada Goose Jackets treated, “worse than other employees who were younger canada goose coats and African-American” and that Val Boreland, executive president of the station, treated the Black staff in a much “friendlier and respectful canada goose clearance sale manner.”A case of reverse racism, eh? The New York Post reported that the lawsuit was filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court and quickly made its rounds on social media. The headlines even caught the eyeballs of Power 105’s The Canada Goose sale Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne, when it Canada Goose online appeared that the radio show was caught in the mix of the racial suit.Charlamagne took Canada Goose Online to his Instagram to dispel reports that the suit had anything to do with their morning radio canada goose store show and the station overall.Man this is hilarious to me. For the record canada goose black friday sale they suing Revolt TV and talking about Revolt TV not Power 105 or Canada Goose Outlet “The Breakfast Club” but this article is still hilarious!!!! Lawsuit says “The white people got fired for not knowing the culture” I mean most executives at canada goose outlet all these companies don’t know the culture and need to be fired but that’s not the point. I been laughing for 10 minutes straight. Please make the distinction between Revolt TV, Power 105 and the Breakfast Club we are not canadian goose jacket the same. Thanks. #BlackPrivilegeA post shared by Charlamagne Thagod (@cthagod) on Mar 21, gestiontb 2017 at 11:03am PDTDiddy created Canada Goose Coats On Sale REVOLT to appeal to canada goose clearance a millennial generation who has their pulse on the latest happenings in music. The multi-genre, multi-platform network engages youth in social conversation and offers breaking music canada goose deals news, videos, artist interviews, exclusive performances, and original programming.According canada goose coats on sale to the New York Post, an attorney for REVOLT said the claims brought against the station, “are without merit and have previously been dismissed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.&#8221.

I’m not endorsing these leaks

Michael Hayden Has One Regret

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