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#BlackPrivilegeA post shared by Charlamagne Thagod (@cthagod)

Revolt TV has been hit with a lawsuit by a group of White buy canada goose jacket cheap guys claiming that Canada Goose Parka the music platform served them a pink slip for their lack of buy canada goose jacket understanding the culture of the network.The producers, who were fired in December canada goose replica 2014, worked on the televised broadcast of the popular Power 105 talk-radio show, “The cheap Canada Goose Breakfast Club.” With years of prior experience working on programs canada goose such as “The Howard Stern Show”, the suit claims they were Canada Goose Jackets treated, “worse than other employees who were younger canada goose coats and African-American” and that Val Boreland, executive president of the station, treated the Black staff in a much “friendlier and respectful canada goose clearance sale manner.”A case of reverse racism, eh? The New York Post reported that the lawsuit was filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court and quickly made its rounds on social media. The headlines even caught the eyeballs of Power 105’s The Canada Goose sale Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne, when it Canada Goose online appeared that the radio show was caught in the mix of the racial suit.Charlamagne took Canada Goose Online to his Instagram to dispel reports that the suit had anything to do with their morning radio canada goose store show and the station overall.Man this is hilarious to me. For the record canada goose black friday sale they suing Revolt TV and talking about Revolt TV not Power 105 or Canada Goose Outlet “The Breakfast Club” but this article is still hilarious!!!! Lawsuit says “The white people got fired for not knowing the culture” I mean most executives at canada goose outlet all these companies don’t know the culture and need to be fired but that’s not the point. I been laughing for 10 minutes straight. Please make the distinction between Revolt TV, Power 105 and the Breakfast Club we are not canadian goose jacket the same. Thanks. #BlackPrivilegeA post shared by Charlamagne Thagod (@cthagod) on Mar 21, gestiontb 2017 at 11:03am PDTDiddy created Canada Goose Coats On Sale REVOLT to appeal to canada goose clearance a millennial generation who has their pulse on the latest happenings in music. The multi-genre, multi-platform network engages youth in social conversation and offers breaking music canada goose deals news, videos, artist interviews, exclusive performances, and original programming.According canada goose coats on sale to the New York Post, an attorney for REVOLT said the claims brought against the station, “are without merit and have previously been dismissed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.&#8221.

It's okay for you to ask questions

Tamika Williams on the National Women canada goose coats on sale and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Tamika Williams About 27,000 women and canada goose replica girls in the U.S. are HIV-positive Canada Goose Online and don't know Canada Goose sale they have the disease. The Office on Women's Health canada goose coats coordinates National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD) to raise awareness about how HIV/AIDS impacts women and girls. It takes place each year on March 10 and empowers people to share knowledge and take action. Joining us this year is NWGHAAD Ambassador Tamika Williams. Tamika is a former professional basketball player who Canada Goose Parka is passionate about educating women and girls about HIV/AIDS.Read her interview to learn why she became an HIV/AIDS advocate and what steps you can take to protect yourself and others.Q: Tell us why you wanted to be an ambassador for NWGHAAD.A: HIV/AIDS is a serious issue, and as an ambassador I want to help people understand just how serious it is. I want to do my part to help get the word out and get people talking about the impact this disease has on women and girls in this country, especially African-American women. We're disproportionately affected by HIV infection compared with women of other races and ethnicities. By the end of 2010, African-American women accounted for nearly 64 percent of all estimated new HIV infections among women. I also wanted to get involved with National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day because HIV/AIDS is a personal issue for me. I hope that by sharing information, we'll not only educate people, but we'll save lives.Q: What are your first-hand experiences with HIV/AIDS?A: Two years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi, and Nigeria to see how HIV/AIDS was affecting these countries. It was an incredibly humbling canadian goose jacket experience. Then, when I came home, my aunt passed away from AIDS and cancer. These experiences made canada goose deals it a real issue for me and they're part of my personal story.Q: HIV/AIDS is preventable. How can we help Canada Goose Outlet teach women and girls how to protect themselves?A: Canada Goose Coats On Sale First of all, I think we cheap Canada Goose have to promote abstinence, especially among young people, because it's the canada goose black friday sale best way to prevent the spread of HIV. But if you are in a relationship and you're having sex, be faithful to your partner. You should both get tested. It's important to know your status and the status of your partner because most women get HIV from having sex with a man who is HIV-positive. You can't tell by looking at someone whether or not they have HIV, so make sure you know your partner's status. Also, canada goose clearance sale be safe and use condoms. Getting tested for other sexually transmitted diseases is also smart. If you have another STI, it may be easier for you to get HIV if you're exposed.Q: Why is it important for women and girls to know their status?A: If you are HIV-positive and you don't know it, you risk spreading it to other people. The only way to know your status is to get tested. Also, early buy canada goose jacket cheap detection is key. Treatments for HIV are canada goose better than ever. People with HIV are living canada goose store longer with a better quality of life. If you are HIV-positive, it's best to start treatment as soon as possible. With the right treatments, HIV-positive people can live for many years without developing AIDS.Q: What do buy canada goose jacket you think women and girls may not know about HIV/AIDS that they should know? A: Most importantly, I think women canada goose clearance need to know that they have to be responsible Canada Goose Jackets for protecting themselves. You're in control of your body. It's okay for you to say "no." It's okay for you to ask your partner to wear protection. It's okay for you to ask questions. If you're having sex, it's crucial you get tested and know your status.Q: The stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS still exists. Why is it important to reduce this stigma?A: I think if we reduce the stigma, more and more people will take steps to protect themselves from HIV. Right now, I think people believe getting infected with HIV could never happen to them, but HIV affects people of all ages and races. By reducing the canada goose outlet stigma, we accept that truth Canada Goose online and take steps to protect our health. I also think reducing the stigma will encourage more people to get tested so they know their status. If they are negative, they need to do everything they can to remain that way. If they are positive, they should not be afraid to get treatment immediately.

Common Sense is hosting the first-ever show about furniture

[BLACK POP DAILY] Azealia Banks Debut Finally Hits iTunes

Azealia Banks Surprise! Azealia Banks Releases Long-Overdue Debut AlbumCheck the sky for flying piglets—Azealia Banks Canada Goose Online has finally released her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste. The long-awaited (and then forgotten) LP popped up canada goose clearance sale on Spotify’s servers on Thursday morning, unplayable. Hours later, the 23-year-old MC tweeted a canada goose coats link canada goose store to canada goose buy her rookie project on iTunes, writing, “Wait is over.” Oldies like “212,” which first catapulted Banks to stardom three years ago, and “Yung Rapunzel” appear Canada Goose online on the 16-track project, buy canada goose jacket along with new songs. Banks parted ways with Universal Music canada goose clearance Group in July, and released Broke With Expensive Taste via the record label Prospect Park.Read it at Stereogum.Common Hosts a Reality Competition About FurnitureCommon is hosting the unlikeliest Canada Goose Coats On Sale of competition reality series. He’s not judging poets on their most canada goose coats on sale creative cheap Canada Goose stanzas or aspiring actors on their ability to cry on the spot. Nope. Common Sense is hosting the first-ever show about furniture design. The show’s name is Framework, Canada Goose sale and according to its home network, Spike TV, “The designers will work with unconventional materials Canada Goose Outlet and will be asked to canada goose replica rethink classic designs and demonstrate their creativity.” Framework debuts on January 6, 2015, and will grant furniture designers the chance for their work to be sold by major manufacturers, plus a cash prize. Anticipate some serious couch clashes.Read it at Shadow and Act.An Alleged Image of Kanye West’s Yeezi Sneaker Hits the InternetRarely does the thirst for a rapper’s sneaker match the longing for an album. But Kanye West has managed to keep rabid buy canada goose jacket cheap fans fiending for his footwear. And now there’s a first look. Hypebeast spotted an image of ’Ye on Canada Goose Parka a plane looking canadian goose jacket over a previously unseen shoe, presumably his anticipated Adidas debut, The canada goose deals Yeezi. The sneaker—his first since leaving Nike—skews high fashion, with canada goose outlet a zip-up side, nubuck Canada Goose Jackets upper and the signature strap retained by the previous Air Yeezy models. Kanye has previously stated that the Yeezi canada goose black friday sale would hit stores in November, but there’s no official release date yet.Read it at Hypebeast.