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I believe that my bipolarity even helps me perform

Fire ants have their so called positive side: They can take out fleas, ticks, termites, cockroaches, mosquito eggs and other irritating insects we wish would go away. If only fire ants didn’t add unsuspecting humans and pets to their victims list. Pity the dog that lounges in the grass, only to abruptly learn the hard way that fire ants have not come in peace..

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The teams then will play a five minute

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Some are simple (like me) and some are more intense

Always a very humble man but a fierce competitor, Pesky did whatever it took to be a player. He spent two years in the minors and was called up to Boston in 1942. That year he led the league with 205 hits, a rookie record. People who would want to eliminate those extra fats might also benefit from drinking Oolong. Indeed, this is nature’s surprise to mankind. It just gives so many miracles for us.

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