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That you can make sure that everything is just right for their

So, this study looks at whether long term Ritalin usage in mice at 2 doses induces changes in the basal ganglia. Per wiki, the basal ganglia consists of regions involved in control of voluntary motor movements, procedural learning, routine behaviors, eye movements, cognition, and emotion. Interesting to note is that the dosages used in the mice 1mg/kg and 10mg/kg reflect the prescribed dosages that humans would receive for ADHD and recreational use/narcolepsy (respectively)..

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Not only have they loaded up the Labor arsenal but they look

Young Australians are turning their canada goose outlet usa backs on democracy

canada goose THE other day I apparently surprised at least one ABC presenter by observing on TV that free speech didn’t extend to people causing canada goose jacket outlet toronto or urging physical harm to canada goose parka uk others. canada goose

For example, telling a cancer patient not canada goose outlet hong kong to seek treatment or urging people to kill Jews.

To be honest I thought this was a rather mild and generous qualifier. Still, it obviously came as a shock to some, which is perhaps emblematic of a modern culture in which words are deemed offensive regardless of the meaning behind them.

canada goose clearance sale But what was really surprising is that the presenter in question obviously thought my examples were extreme or far fetched. In fact both are live issues right here in Australia, right now in 2018. canada goose clearance sale

The Studio 10 discussion was sparked by a celebrity wellness video revealed this very month, which featured a woman claiming to have beaten breast cancer by rejecting all medical treatments and merely changing her diet. Needless to say, this deeply alarmed the Australian Medical Association a body comprised of actual canada goose outlet england doctors.

And as for the threats to the Jews, sadly this was not a canada goose factory outlet reference to Hitler Germany or Stalin Russia but from an extremist Islamic group in Australia in 2014, whose leader literally called on all Muslims to rid the world of the Jews, saying: mission will be accomplished by none but you, O Muslims Judgment day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews Tomorrow you Jews will see what will become of you an eye for an eye, blood for blood, destruction for destruction. to say, this somewhat alarmed the Jewish community, yet there was nothing the police could do. Technically, the group hadn breached any law.

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canada goose coats on sale Liberal Part members voted to privatise the ABC at last weekend’s conference. Picture: Joel Carrett/AAPSource:AAP canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket Nor let us forget the hypocrisy of those on the hard right canada goose outlet in vancouver who claim to be diehard defenders of free speech but canada goose parka outlet demand the scalp of a Muslim who insults the Anzac legacy canada goose outlet washington dc or a comedian who drops the C bomb. buy canada goose jacket

canadian goose jacket This of course brings us back to the ABC, for where else in society could a Muslim feminist activist and a gay C bomb loving comedian so happily coexist? canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet In what has to be the most spectacular own goal ever scored outside the World Cup, Liberal party apparatchiks this week called for the ABC to be privatised. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose black friday sale It is difficult to overstate how monumentally stupid this resolution is, especially given it was a scare campaign over Medicare privatisation that canada goose outlet winnipeg brought Labor within a bee dick of winning government at the last election. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats Now, thanks to a bunch canada goose jacket uk of punch drunk extremists in chinos, this and all manner of privatisation conspiracy theories have now been given a stiff whiff of legitimacy. Bill Shorten must thought it was his birthday. canada goose coats

This is not to say that the ABC hasn had some excruciatingly embarrassing lapses.

Of the three biggest howlers, two were clearly anti Coalition and one was defamatory of Kevin Rudd, who is also a favourite target of the left because he wasn well mannered enough to die when Julia Gillard told him to.

canada goose store Of course there is bias and inaccuracy in journalism all the time. After all, there are few human beings who don think their assessment is the correct one and even fewer who never make mistakes. canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka But as a publicly funded body with an explicit public service charter the ABC is rightly held to a much higher standard than its competitors. Like Caesar wife, it must be above suspicion. Canada Goose Parka

And for the most part, it does an exceptional job. While there is probably little doubt that canada goose outlet in usa most of its staff are left leaning they genuinely canada goose clothing uk try to be balanced. The problem is that when they fail canada goose outlet canada they always seem to default to the watch hand.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Indeed, it could be argued that even just working for a public broadcaster is an inherently left wing position canada goose outlet ontario given that many on the right clearly believe it shouldn even exist. canada goose outlet Likewise it pretty obvious that there aren too many socialists in the business community, apart from that guy who still publishes The Saturday Paper. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Still, it one thing to be biased on your own coin; it another to be biased on the taxpayer And so one can canada goose outlet miami understand the frustrations of the true blue blood believers but it canada goose outlet boston doesn make their action any less lunatic. Not only have they loaded up the Labor arsenal but they look like a bunch of chambray shirted sooks.

Canada Goose sale Thus we are living in a time in which incitement to kill is permitted while progressives demand cartoonists be hauled before the courts. A time in which those both for and against free speech trade daily in unbridled personal abuse. And a time in which both the left and right try to cripple whole media organisations with which they do not agree. Canada Goose sale

And this is the dangerous part of today political debate. Instead of trying to win the argument or win power within a democratic framework, more and more people want to tear down democracy itself.

canada goose clearance Extreme? Most certainly. Far fetched? Sadly not. canada goose clearance

canada goose deals According to the highly respected Lowy Institute Poll released just this week, fewer than half of Australian adults under the age of 45 actually believe in democratic government. canada goose deals

Just pause for a moment and read that sentence again.

Have they thought this through? The end of democracy would mean the end of the democracy sausage. Picture: Mick Tsikas/AAPSource:AAP

Yes, canada goose jacket outlet only 47 per cent of 18 44 year olds agreed that is preferable to any other kind of government it is not an aberration. In 2012, when the same question was asked of 18 29 year olds, only 39 per cent believed in democracy. This year, even with the age bracket extended right up until middle age still only a minority of voters supported it.

At this point it is probably appropriate to ask: WHAT THE ACTUAL FK?!?!?

Canada Goose online What precisely do these people want instead? Fascism? Communism? And what are they planning to do if that doesn work? Raise an army Canada Goose online.

While the construction of high rises

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