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A supporter of Franklin Roosevelt and Kennedy

Western anime fans typically call Japanese voice actors “seiyuu”, which is simply Japanese for “voice actor”. That is, the Japanese will call any voice actor a “seiyuu”, regardless of nationality. The reason for this is that Japanese voice actor expert Hitoshi Doi created one of the first detailed online databases of Japanese voice actors; since his English wasn’t very good and he probably wasn’t familiar with the proper term, he referred to them all as “seiyuu”. Western fans thought there was something special about them that merited a new term, and it stuck when referring specifically to Japanese VAs. It’s gotten to the point that many English speaking Japanese voice actors, such as Yuu Asakawa, also call themselves “seiyuu” when interacting with Western fans.

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Put them on the sides and leave room for two feet in the

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She and her husband can hardly make ends meet

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