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Playoff 4 time All Star Rajon Canada Goose Parka Rondo and

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I think yall have a great team. Nurkic going down was a game changer. No sense in blowing it up. You have 3 great core players. canada goose outlet It just Jrue time to shine right now. He very hungry. This series came down Canada Goose Coats On Sale to the Pelican ability to play high level canada goose outlet parka defense on your two gaurds. Yall didn have many other options once those two guys were down. AD didn buy canada goose jacket cheap score a single point in the 4th, canada goose outlet new york city and we got the win. We depended on guys like Mirotic canada goose outlet reviews and Rondo late in the 4th. I don think Pels would have gotten the win if Nurkic had not gone down. It is a phenomenal matchup, and you guys shouldn hang your head. I been hanging my head for 5 years as a pels fan. Jrue is an elite canada goose outlet uk 2 way player. Canada Goose Jackets When you Canada Goose Black Friday guarding canada goose outlet jackets the best players canada goose outlet black friday in the game, it hard to put up 25ppg, but he shown you he can do it ALL. Rondo is an assist man, we canada goose black friday sale don cheap canada goose uk need him to score cheap Canada Goose when he gets 10 20 assists on the regular.

We have Dame, CJ, and a canada goose factory sale roster of role players and rookies versus AD. Playoff 4 time All Star Rajon Canada Goose Parka Rondo and Jrue Holiday who is finally becoming the player everyone expected him to be. Also, canada goose outlet sale there was literally one win separating the 3 canada goose black friday sale and 6 seeds.

I not happy with mid seed regular seasons and canada goose jacket outlet first round exits, but this was our “swing for the fences” free agent signings of 2016, and we overpaid for players who haven improved enough to be a contender.

All I am saying is that expectations need to be realistic for this team.

Did canada goose clearance you also not notice that two starting players got hurt in Game 2?

MrHobo 1 point submitted 16 days ago

Yea the canada goose uk shop thing is we made those signings with the belief canada goose outlet in usa that Canada Goose Outlet Dame was a superstar, not far behind Davis, and able to carry a team while CJ was worthy of being a team second option.

In canada goose coats on sale this series it looks like they are on the same level as canada goose outlet online Rondo and Holiday (playing even worse actually), and if that the reality then we are missing our superstar and need to consider canada goose whether or not we should continue building a team around them. That a hard pill to swallow for canada goose outlet canada a lot of fans, and if Dame wants to be considered a superstar worthy of canada goose store all star and first team bids then he needs canada goose uk black friday to step up and play like one and find ways to positively affect the game even when he getting double teamed.

The bottom uk canada goose line is that if this outcome is a reasonable expectation for this team (which it may be but thats not what it been hyped to be by the players and organization), then we also need to be reasonable about the limitations of our players and whether they are worthy of building around. You seem to think losing two home games in the first round is a reasonable expectation Canada Goose sale with this team. Do you also think we should continue to build around Dame and CJ? Because canada goose coats I don see how those two things are compatible. Either we hold onto the belief that Dame canada goose outlet store and CJ are better than they are playing right Canada Goose online now and this is a big disappointment, or we move on to find a true superstar who can lead us to the next level.

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This would require some pretty complex and difficult explaining to the kid that people are going to be constantly confused by them and attempt to gender them. You can be around your kid all the time policing the gender binary rhetoric they going to hear, so they be really confused when another kid tells them they a freak because everyone is supposed to be either a boy or a girl. You need to do some serious thinking about how to uk canada goose outlet give a child that is so young the proper canada goose factory outlet tools to deal with a gendered misogynist society while also raising canada goose outlet nyc them outside the gender binary. Canada Goose Online 288 points submitted 23 days ago

Someone was saying the other day that what convinced them that Trump wasn a billionaire canada buy canada goose jacket goose outlet toronto factory is that he doesn have a yacht. anymore. Trump did have a yacht, but then went bankrupt and had to sell it. Yes Trump does have canada goose outlet online uk a plane and a helicopter, but those are probably not his and can be passed on as traveling expenses for goose outlet canada the company. But the fact canada goose clearance sale that canada goose outlet uk sale he canada goose outlet store uk doesn have a yacht anymore, not even one worth a single million dollar tells you he doesn have that kind of money. There is no consistency or intelligence behind them

That because mainstream conservative thought is just a dumber slower version of progressive thought. canadian goose jacket Every conservative canada goose uk outlet position is simply the progressive position from a decade prior.

Mais encore aujourd’hui, le sexisme existe et empche les

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Everything post on here of how to may not be the easiest

Spartan Helmet

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moncler outlet location So with this instructable I am going to start out with things I wish I had known ahead of time before starting the helmet. moncler outlet location

cheap moncler The more hands, the better. I was using elastic bands, tape and heavey objects to temporarily hold things in place until I could secure uk moncler sale them properly, if I uk moncler outlet had moncler uk outlet an extra set of hands moncler outlet woodbury to hold these things life would have been so much easier. If I had started my helmet moncler sale outlet and shield at the same time I could have been working moncler outlet sale on one when the moncler outlet other was drying. Tip two, cheap moncler coats mens if you’re making more than one prop, might as well do them all at the same time. cheap moncler

moncler coats for cheap A helmet too big is discount moncler jackets way easier to fix than one that moncler sale online is too small. If the helmet is too big you can add styrofoam or more cardboard inside to tighten it up. A helmet that is too small is a bigger problem, you’d need to start pretty much from scratch again. I googled a picture of a Spartan helmet so I could see some of the basic shapes. I started out by making moncler outlet store the front of the mask. Take a sheet of cardboard and draw so the corrigation is going vertically, it will come in handy later on. I moncler online store made it in two halves because there is a strong crease down the front and I think it could only be achieved by attaching the two moncler usa halves. I drew the basic shape of the mask, and held it up to moncler sale my face to match proportions and also used a ruler to measure. I cut out my shape and held it again to my face, marking with a pencil which parts needed to be tweeked. I used a boxcutter and trimmed off anything extra I needed to then best moncler jackets traced the shape and cut out the mirror image. Make little bends all along the corrigation, this will easily and evenly give the front a rounded effect. I took thin strips of cheap moncler jackets cardboard and used them as a guide to build the “hat” part of the helmet. I grently bent the cardboard and rounded it a bit, taped the two pieces together then attached it to the mask. Your helmet should now be cheap moncler jackets mens able to sit on your head, I just taped on a thicker strip of cardboard to make the head piece moncler outlet online come down and cover the back of my head a bit more. Now you can pull out your thin strip guidelines, they are no use to you anymore. I layered up three strips of cardboard and taped them together. I then measured it to fit the moncler womens jackets back of the helmet and cut off any legnth that overhung. I then traced a guideline about 1cm onto my strips so i could cut away the inside evenly, you should end up with what looks moncler outlet prices like a cheap moncler jackets womens long and thin frame. Tape the frame to the back of your helmet moncler coats for cheap.